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What is Digital Marketing

digital marketing meaning

Digital marketing comprises of all marketing methods that make use of electronic devices such as personal computers, smartphones, cellphones, tablets and game consoles and platforms such as websites, e-mail, apps, search engines and social networks to reach consumers. Since the internet is at the core of most digital marketing methods, it is often referred to as ‘online marketing’ or ‘internet marketing’. Digital marketing can be further divided into:

pull digital marketing – where the consumers actively seek information about products and services or solutions to problems confronting them. eg. search engines, blog feed subscriptions, email subscriptions etc.

push digital marketing – where the business or marketer pushes the information about their products and services when the consumer has not actively sought the message. eg. display advertising, sponsored content, mass email blasts etc.

Search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and content marketing are some of the most popular digital marketing techniques.


Importance of Online Marketing for Your Business

The internet is one of the most widely used resources across the globe. Online purchases have grown sharply in recent years and as a business owner you cannot sit back and let your competitors have take share of the pie. Mobile internet usage has added another dimension creating a huge opportunity for local businesses to target consumers near their business location.

Compared to traditional marketing channels like print, TV and radio, online marketing is not only cheaper but also more effective. The average ROI of an online advertising campaign is much better when compared to that of traditional forms of advertising. Furthermore, internet marketing campaigns are easier to track and report allowing you to optimize your spending and thus increase the ROI of your campaigns over time. Above all, digital marketing gives you ultimate control and flexibility over who sees your message, when and where and also how many times! No other form of marketing offers so much control over your marketing spend.


Why choose Reach Me Faster

importance of online marketing

We boast an experienced team of professionals and creative minds who are eager to take your business to the next level. No matter how small or large your niche, you can be sure there is a market for your products and services on the web and we will help you reach them!

At Reach Me Faster™ we are committed to set the highest standards. We follow strict internal protocols and industry best practices to ensure the best quality of service. We respect copyright laws and have ZERO tolerance towards plagiarism and spam. Our team of certified professionals is always up to date with the latest changes to search engine algorithms, social media trends and innovation in web and mobile design.

We believe in delivering customized solutions tailored to your industry, budget and marketing goals. Additionally, being located in Pakistan, enables us to offer very competitive pricing on all our services. Initial consultation is absolutely free – Contact now for a free quote!


Web Design & Development

In today’s competitive marketplace, every business needs a professionally designed website to reach out to customers and inform them about your products and services.

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Graphics Designing

A professional corporate identity is absolutely essential for differentiating your brand from competitors and communicating the value your business brings to customers.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are the biggest source of consistent, targeted traffic and improving the visibility of your website in search results can generate more revenue for your business.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

With PPC advertising you can get a stream of targeted traffic to your website. The search engine or advertising network will charge for each click generated by your ad.

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Social Media Marketing

Most of your customers are active on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Google Plus and LinkedIn and so you must also establish a presence on these social media networks.

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Web Content

Writing for the web is vastly different from writing for print meda. It involves using relevant images, videos, links and keyword optimization to attract free traffic from search engines.

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Our Skills

  • Web Designing94%
  • Web Development98%
  • Graphics Designing100%
  • Search Engine Optimization90%
  • Pay-per-click Advertising94%
  • Search Media Marketing93%
  • Copywriting85%


Was my first experience in outsourcing, wish it will always be this easy!
Marco- nomesia.com
Good, punctual work as promised.
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Excellent work, very responsive and knowledgeable about adwords, ppc, quality scores, etc.
Geoff- pinpartnership.org
Affordable, high quality SEO/SEM service that produces results! My website is now ranked on the first page of Google and Bing for over 20 relevant keywords and it appears at the top in the paid listings as well.  As a result, the traffic to my website has increased substantially. I highly recommend their internet marketing services.
Andrew Plank- townhousemarketing.com

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